Obama Begging Me To Not Vote For Him

10 07 2008

Senator Obama,

I am genuinely disappointed that you chose to support the recent FISA bill.  I and the rest of America have been looking to Democrats, and more particularly you, for strong leadership to stand up to the fascist fear mongering of the Bush administration.  You have failed us.  You could have made a stand and your leadership could have made a difference, but instead you chose to take the politically expedient route.  You sold me and every other American out who believed you were different, and worse you abandoned the Constitution when it needed your protection the most.

This bill was no compromise, it was a cowardly capitulation to an administration that continues to lie and thumb it’s nose at congressional oversight.  So now you reward the most unpopular president in American history and the corporations that colluded with him to break the law and the nation’s trust by giving them a free pass to continue to do so.  It is no surprise that the approval rating of congress is in single digits when all we want is someone to hold this administration accountable.  You have failed miserably.

Unless I hear some strong promises to correct this appalling failure of judgment I will have no choice but to stay home come November because I see no candidate worthy of my vote here.

Super Jesus

PS: Thanks for making me look like a fool for supporting you in the primary because even Hillary voted against it!




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11 07 2008

Almost makes you want Hillary back doesn’t it? I can’t believe I just said that. However, if you are going to get a bought and paid for candidate, at least she was obvious about what you could buy her for. 😛

That fascism line between democrats and repubs has definitely blurred.

13 07 2008

I probably won’t vote, I think it is largely a symbolic act that amounts to what George Calin calls stroking yourself. On the other hand, I’d prefer Obama so if he had chance of taking South Carolina, I might indulge. Right now his focus has to be winning the election, which I’m almost certain depends on more than just winning the hearts of the American people. I don’t know much about this bill, you hinted it helped cooperations, maybe Obama needs their help more than he needs ours.

13 07 2008

@jimmy: I posted a Olbermann rant here that discusses the capitulation of the previous FISA bill (sadly those criticisims still apply) and I put together a short rant of my own about Obama and the FISA bill here. I hope that helps a little.

Super J.

13 07 2008

I checked out both of those. If the government asked companies to break the law, it seems that the government should be primarily responisble. Companies will act in their own best interests, I don’t think they should be punished for complying with the government that allows them to exist. Or maybe now it is the companies that allow the government to exist. Anyway, why should I care about any of this when there is so much cool shit to buy and so many mind numbing tv shows to watch?

…and Obama, I can’t hold it against him. This is all about a little eavesdropping right? I’m sure politicians have to choose their battles in the corrupt game of government. It’s not like people were harmed. The real corporate criminals are the ones making people physically sick and destroying the environment…though by no means to I condone the wiretapping.

also wanted to let you know that the date box on your blogs covers up part of the text. other than that, very nice.

13 07 2008

@Jimmy: I agree that the individuals in the government that directed the companies to break the law should be held accountable. Unfortunately this retroactive immunity will ensure that the discovery process of the 40 pending lawsuits that would have uncovered such information will now stop immediately. I also agree that companies will always do what is in their best interest, it’s just a shame that adhering to the constitution and the rule of law isn’t one of those interests.

As for Obama, I was naive in believing all his change rhetoric. I was hoping that he would be different and stand up for his principles and stand up to this astonishingly corrupt administration. I was wrong and I remain very very disappointed.

Nice to have you as a reader. Sorry about the theme. What browser are you having this problem on because I don’t see it on my Firefox.

15 07 2008

I for one am sick that the government acts as if it is above the authority of the people. And it saddens me that Obama would capitulate in that regard.

I tend to believe Obama AND McCain are telling people what they want to hear before the election. I have hope that Obama truly wants to return the government to the will of the people and away from lobbyists, so I will continue to vote for him.

8 08 2008

Glenn 8-8-08 I have to say that all of you were misled by some of the promises that Obama made at the start. He was promising change when all he wanted was to use his golden voice to draw the people to him. It is said in the Bible that when a great world leader comes along that he will have that drawing power and he will make great promises that he will keep for a short time and when the people are least expecting it he will take over and make the people sorriful for their falling for some of the things his golden voice promised. I think that all politicians are only interested in feathering their own nest. Think of it they get life time insurance and they draw a great pension and like Bill Clinton theybecome millionaires. How is that for being a politician. Do anything and get by with it. No difference Dem or Rep.

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