You F’ing Know This Is True

26 06 2008

Damn right bitches!  That and the world is only 6,000 years old.

(Credit to Derek Chatwood who created the original artwork.  Brilliant stuff)




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26 06 2008
Clark Bunch

I get satire. I watch SNL, Mad t.v., and Family Guy. This post is satirical and sacreligious, which believe it or not, doesn’t bother me that much. But by posting Super Jesus in the Christianity category, you’re going to seriously tick off some honest faithful believers, and that’s just not right. Everyone doesn’t have a sense of humor, especially when it comes to their faith. I get it, and think it’s a little funny even. But the real problem comes when unChristian, unreligious people think that this is how real Christians think, talk, act. That’s not good, or funny. I don’t practice Islam, but I don’t make fun of Muslims and use profanity on their websites. Show a little respect.

26 06 2008

I respect that which deserves it and religion, sadly, does not.

PS: I didn’t want to be the one to tell you but, um, Family Guy isn’t funny. This of course could explain your reaction to this cartoon. Go take three George Carlins and call me in the morning.

27 06 2008

Oh God help those of thin skin. Anyone who believes dinosaurs lived with humans and that the earth is 6000 years old deserve to be the brunt of jokes. You can’t act like an idiot and still be considered normal. As for real Christians, I don’t see them speaking out against the court jesters of their religion.

28 06 2008
Elvis Dingeldein

Oh my fucking god. I can now go wander out into traffic and get happily hit by a passing Mack Truck or possibly one of those bright yellow Hummers driven by an absolute fuckhole drinking something made from “Chai,” because that’s what douchebags drink. I can do these things, and die happily, because now I’ve seen The Jesus riding a dinosaur. Why the retarded rhesus monkey that is our Photoshop Expert over at The Daily Clusterdouche hasn’t been able to slap something like this together every time we mock the pinheads at The Creation Museum about the dinosaurs on The Ark is beyond me, but you can rest assured, Super Jesus, that he will get a sharp stick in the eye for missing this boat.

Onward Christian Dino-Riders, huzzah!

E. Dingeldein
The Daily Clusterdouche
The Super Jesus Rocks

3 07 2008

Anyone who thinks Jesus rode dinosaurs, or that they survived the flood for that matter, deserves ridicule, Clark. I know many Christians. I respect most of them. But anyone who considers himself a Christian and supports ID is a moron.

22 09 2008

thats it, bro

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