Fuck, George Carlin is Dead

23 06 2008

I was surprised to see the AP has a sense of humor when they posted the notice of George Carlin’s death.

Shit, George Carlin, the motherfucking Grammy-Award winning standup comedian and actor who was hailed for his irreverent social commentary, poignant observations of the absurdities of everyday life, tits, and language, and piss funny groundbreaking routines like “Seven Words You Can Never Use on Television,” died in Los Angeles on Sunday according to his cunt publicist Jeff Abraham. Fuck, that cocksucker was 71.

Brilliant satirist and fanatical defender of free speech. George, you and your honesty will be sorely missed.




5 responses

23 06 2008

That is classic.

23 06 2008

great blog entry–you caught my attention. i’m sad about carlin.

24 06 2008

he was the best. period.

26 06 2008

Goodnight, funnyman;.

26 06 2008
Blissfully Unaware

sigh. just now coming out of the drunken, hazy tribute to the man who I wanted to BE when I grew up. Growing up I wanted to name the family dog Tippy (after the famous farty Tippy) but my Dad wouldn’t have it (he knew, but didn’t want to know how I knew!). I’d seen GC walking the streets of downtown and the East side a few times. Always gracious, he LOVED his fans and NYC. His brilliant & hilarious take on things will be sorely missed.

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