Call Your Senators, Stop The FISA Amendment!

23 06 2008

The fourth amendment shredding bill that just flew through the House is going to be voted now in the Senate and will be voted on this week.  PLEASE STOP THIS BILL. Call your Senators right now (using this handy phone list) and let them know that you are vocal, you vote, and you’re against this bill.

Then call Senator Obama ((202) 224-2854) because if he would change his mind his leadership could make this happen.




2 responses

23 06 2008

It appears that Obama’s phone number rolls straight into voice mail…and it’s full. Nice that he listens to the concerns of the people.

Keep trying, maybe someone will clear it out one of these days.

23 06 2008

If you go to his(Obama’s) Senate website you can email him. And it also asks if you would like a reply. I did this Saturday, so I will update if I get a response.
Obamas Website

There is also a fax number to send letters. And if you fax, ask for verification that they received your fax.

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