John McCain Family Values: My Wife Is A C*nt

17 06 2008

I had heard about this already, but this puts a pretty good spin on it.

There is a non-bleeped version but frankly it seems funnier to me like this.




4 responses

17 06 2008

John McCUNT.
Fucking. Hilarious.

….i’ve associated that word with him for a long time now. This just makes it better!

17 06 2008
Rolando Sanchez

I CUNT believe he said that about his lovely Wife!!!
But then again I dont think he knows what he is saying at all about anything!!

17 06 2008

He cheats, he lies, he wants more war, and he one upped Bush with this comment……….the perfect Republican. šŸ˜‰

18 06 2008

Too funny!! Kudos to the team that produced the video, too. I had to take off the headphones in the middle or I might have fallen out of my chair … at work!

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