Hillary’s Honor Worth Less Than A Stained Blue Dress

3 06 2008

In the beginning of the race I would have voted for Hillary. She is arguably highly qualified, determined, and dedicated to becoming the first woman president…but for me she has gone way too far to be redeemed.

She and the other Democratic candidates originally agreed that Florida and Michigan should have their delegates taken away when they moved their primary dates up. Obama and other candidates went so far as to remove their names from the Michigan ballot and avoided campaigning in either state. Hillary, on the other hand did campaign in those states and she left her name on the Michigan ballot. At the time I thought it might be shrewd move since it would provide some additional face time in the event she would secure the nomination.

Alas, when she lobbied to have the delegates from those states restored I lost all respect for her seeing her instead as cowardly, craven, deceptive, self serving, dishonest and lacking any integrity. Everyone else was following the rules but she decides to seize these delegates under the false pretense and utterly transparent call for fairness to the citizens of Michigan and Florida.

Then, when the Democratic rules committee allowed some of the delegates to be counted and split the Michigan delegates 50/50 between her and Obama she and her campaign have the nerve to whine that they were being treated unfairly.

She might be intelligent and tenacious but given her recent performance I wouldn’t trust her any more than I’d trust her husband at a fat drunken college cheerleader convention. She has shown herself lacking honor and integrity, and frankly given the past seven years that’s the precise thing we need most in the white house.

Hillary give up this pathetic flailing abortion you call a campaign and do something good for this country. You’re only making a fool of yourself now and you’re embarrassing everyone who would have been sympathetic to your situation. It’s time to sit down.




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3 06 2008

Nothing pisses me off more than Hillary supporters saying Obama “stole” the election or that he kept the delegates from counting.

It’s as if Hillary was supposed to be the nominee by right. As if she didn’t really have to campaign at all until some uppity n*gg*r comes and steals it away. Never do they blame a flawed campaign strategy. Never do they fault their campaign staff. If Obama raises $40 million dollars, $20 at a time, he is “buying the election.” If he has the delegate lead, it’s because the caucus states have a flawed system or because everyone is a sexist.

Never have I seen such pathetic and ludicrous attempts to change the rules in the middle of game. Whether it be “count all the votes (unless it’s a caucus state)” or
“she’s winning the popular vote (if you take away some states and add others)” or the whole “sexism” thing (as if Obama didn’t have to deal with that whole racism thing) or even the claims that OBAMA is the one dividing the party.

Sad. Simply sad.

3 06 2008

She has gone way over the line several times in this race. However, I would still vote for her if she were the nominee as distasteful as I find that. When I look at the only other option being McCain, well enough said.
I do think now though that Obama (as has been the whole race) will have to be the bigger man and seriously consider Hillary as VP. It’s not a dream team by far, however when you look at how this race has impacted the entire Democratic party I think that success will be greater if these two bridge the gap. And Obama can use this to his advantage. This country needs the victory of anyone other than John McCain.

3 06 2008

No question, if she was the Democratic nominee I would have to hold my nose and give her the nod. Thankfully she won’t be.

I think had she stepped down gracefully and with her integrity intact I would have agreed with giving her the VP job, but not now. She would be nothing but an embarrassment to the ticket and would only serve to damage Obama’s chances to get elected.

3 06 2008

Well, my choice would be Edwards. Maybe it could pull in some of those hardheaded Hillary fans. Ultimately, I don’t care who it is, I just want Obama to win. 🙂

3 06 2008

You tell em’ SJ. That broad can’t even keep her lies straight. The pant-suited pinocchio is biting the dust, finally.

3 06 2008

Look at Webb or Richardson to be pegged as VP. Or if he needs a woman, Sebelius.

Hillary has a) too much baggage for the Right to feast on
b) no political advantage gained as VP (McCain has the white racist vote already locked up)

3 06 2008

I second your remarks. I think she may help energize a lot of the Democratic base, especially women voters, if chosen as VP candidate, but really, if Obama wants to appeal to those voters on the political fence or sway any republican minded voters, he would be well advised to keep far away from HRC. The conservative talking heads and pundits have worked dilligently for years demonizing her, (and she’s given them no shortage of ammunition) so theres already a a great deal of angst and solidarity against her in that camp.

3 06 2008

I just read that she’s still in the race BUT she’s open to the VP job if it were offered to her. Gee Hillary, that’s very generous of you to lower yourself and offer that. Not like you should have backed down a long time ago when the party was still in one piece, and not like you should concede gracefully now and allow Obama the lime light he deserves. No, instead of being humble you would rather humiliate yourself while you bumptiously ham for the lime light so you can be the awkward center of attention one more time.

Here’s to looking forward to watching her swallow her narcissistic pride as she helps the Obama/Edwards campaign.

4 06 2008

No, instead of being humble you would rather humiliate yourself while you bumptiously ham for the lime light so you can be the awkward center of attention one more time.

Sounds like a model politician to me.

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