Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead!

3 06 2008

Senator Barack Obama has officially secured the Democratic presidential nomination.

Now will someone please go and tell Hillary to go away already.




4 responses

4 06 2008

She won’t officially end her campaign until the DNC in Denver. She’ll continue to shout her “more electable” mantra in hopes of swaying Superdelegates.

More electable, but couldn’t win her own nomination.
More popular votes, if you don’t include the caucus states.
More experienced, as a Washington insider.
Ready from Day 1, to obfuscate, decieve and spin as she’s done all primary season.

I honestly can’t understand why her supporters can’t see these as flimsy justifications for continuing.

4 06 2008

I couldn’t agree more.

4 06 2008

She couldn’t follow the rules or play nicely. The only other way is to chase her out of town with pitchforks, torches and an angry mob like in a Frankenstein movie. After all “It Takes a Village…”

4 06 2008

I think what pisses me off even more is her attempt to blackmail Obama into giving her the VP spot through her surrogate “we’ll vote for McCain if we don’t get our way” supporters.

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