The Coolest Desk EVER!

23 05 2008

If you don’t think this is the coolest desk ever you just don’t have any idea how wrong you really are. Yes, it’s that cool.

Awesome doesn't get any more awesome than this!

“Yes sir, I’d like to demand a raise. What? Why no I didn’t see your new desk. That IS something isn’t it?! Yes, um, I’m sure what I said is that I’m overpaid and underworked…nevermind.”

Credit: From Tom Spina Designs



3 responses

23 05 2008

Holy fuck. That is the most awesome thing I’ve seen all day.

I’d sell my soul and your left testicle for it. Without hesitation.

23 05 2008

Simply incredible. Even better than the R2D2 DVD projector.

23 05 2008

Now I know why you put up a paypal. Care and feeding my ass, you’re just hoping for a little R2D2 action, and the desk is the icing. šŸ˜‰

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