Batman And Political Truth

13 05 2008

I couldn’t help but laugh out loud…just before I felt the sting of the punchline.




5 responses

13 05 2008

No truer words were ever uttered by Adam West.

13 05 2008
ruth salazar

Well, now, there you go…think I will write in Batman this November! He’s one smart dude!

13 05 2008

Well…the Penquin’s laughing and I guess this time it might end up being the Joker’s turn . ­čśŤ

16 05 2008

We’ve had the Joker in office for the past 7 years.

23 05 2008
Elvis Dingeldein

Oh my heavenly ballsac, that really hurt. Being admonished for political shallowness by the inimitable Adam West — and right to the camera, for god’s sake!!! — stings like a particularly stingy stinging thing. Ow, OW, Adam West! Why must you taunt us with your truthiness?

Love your site, I shall return.


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