The Coolest Thing You’ve Ever Seen…EVER!

10 05 2008

Just try and pretend THIS isn’t the definition of awesomeness. In fact there is so much awesomeness in one place that if it was any more awesome it would collapse into an inescapable vortex of awesome that the entire universe would be sucked into. True story.



4 responses

10 05 2008

That is freaking awesome….I expected this to either be a joke (haven’t gotten over April fools) or a concept. I was really surprised at the cost when you consider how much a lot of people spend on home electronics. This would be something totally cool to own. 🙂

12 05 2008

I can’t think of a better definition for this than awesome.

14 05 2008

just one mo’ reason to love your lily white ass. NO DOUBT, THAT IS THE EPITOME OF AWESOME, dare I say the very pinnacle of fanf*ckingtastic.

16 05 2008

I have one at home but the damned thing refuses to talk to my central computer.

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