US Torture And What You Can Do To Help End It

8 05 2008

Certain key figures in Bush’s torture team, including John Yoo and former Attorney General John Ashcroft, have finally agreed to testify about their role in authorizing torture. But, we’ll only get at the truth if tough questions are asked and enough of us demand that these questions be answered.

I just sent the House Judiciary Committee my questions to ask Bush’s torture team. Please click the link below to send your own questions and help show this administration that we will no longer stand by and let them disgrace our country by torturing prisoners and committing war crimes. Help restore some honor to this nation.

Click HERE and make your voice heard.



2 responses

8 05 2008

Thank you for providing the link. I just submitted my question.

8 05 2008

My question I sent:
“Who decides what the extraordinary circumstances are when you decide to use waterboarding”?

What I would like to ask:
Who volunteers to be waterboarded so you can know what it feels like to be drowning? 😛

In all of this it’s been proven that torture techniques are virtually ineffective in obtaining any type of true “confession”. Often the information obtained is useless and the prisoner is not guilty. It’s barbaric and completely unacceptable, yet few condemn it because they feel that we are safer from *fill in the blank*. How unfortunate that those who live in our country have so little regard for human life and the treatment of others without evidence, without due process, and without regard to guilt or innocence. I hope the ACLU goes in and verbally kicks some Bush Administration ass.

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