Boot Camp For Religious Zealots

7 05 2008

My previous post is maybe a year old, but this just aired April 12, 2008.

Ah yes, remember the good old days of summer camp and all the fun we had getting brain washed? Boy, if only there was a place we could send our kids to crush down their rational critical thinking skills and teach them to unquestionably follow dogma. Well get off your knees because your prayers have been answered my friend.




2 responses

8 05 2008
ruth salazar

i already viewed some of the video’s from Cheryl’s bulletin…my comment to her got lost somewhere in the MySpace dumpster…so all I have to say..the kids are not ready for this type of connection..most of them anyway..and the only purpose this camp is serving is breaking them down..not building them is not about freedom that is for sure..and not many are going to want to go to missionary in a poor country…they will just want to go back home to mommy and daddy..and thier cell-phones and computers…that is the reality!

20 05 2008

Happened across your blog. Vid reminded me of the krapp I had to deal with when I HAD to go to a christian athletic camp – about thirty frickin years ago. That experience was/is one of the reason I had to get out and see the world. It was another reason I stayed out. But I do miss the geography of home.

Make all US churches pay taxes. See how far they get with lovin’ JC then.


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