An Army Of Religious Zealots

5 05 2008

Brain washing at its best. Some very scary stuff.




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6 05 2008

Have you seen the whole series? It just gets more bizarre. These people are so caught up in the whole thing as if they are at a rock concert only they don’t just leave the show and go home. They take the show with them and live it. They infect their children with it.

7 05 2008

This CNN special was a couple of years ago, wasn’t it?
These fundamentalist politicians hiding behind the Name of God are worse than the Taliban, because they’re here. They’re part of our society. They manipulate the laws to get their KKK agenda out there, raise money, back politicians, set policy, oh, and they have tax-free status because they call it “religion”.

7 05 2008

I think this is from about a year ago but I ran across it and couldn’t resist reposting.

7 05 2008

Why haven’t you posted the video of those idiots taking home-schooled children through the Natural History Museum and explaining how it’s all lies?
That, to me, is more damaging than any Jesuscamp.

7 05 2008
7 05 2008

Hey, remember the term, “Jesus Freaks”?
I think these morons fit that description.

8 05 2008

You mean this one?

Yeah, that’s the one. Why haven’t you posted it? 🙂

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