The “Truths” Of Religion And Politics

3 05 2008

Mr. Fish from Harper’s Magazine nails this one.




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3 05 2008

Funny. If you like that, check this out:

Very much in the same vein.

3 05 2008

That’s pretty funny, and I know where you’re coming from. The only problem I have with this is Wright taught Obama Liberation Theology, not that sort of nonsense.
I know, 98.647% of religion is asinine (can I say that?), but to a very limited degree, I like some of the philosophy behind the rhetoric.

4 05 2008

@Kurt: I like some of the philosophies behind the rhetoric too, but such intellectually sound ideas can, and should, stand on their own merits. The core teachings most all faiths are fictions that do not elevate the conversation but instead introduce unnecessary doubt to the philosophy whenever the affiliated faith is brought to question. Either that or the strength of the philosophy is itself used as defensive evidence that God does indeed exist since, obviously, only He could have come up with something so true. In both cases faith only serves to taint a simple truth and does not improve it.

5 05 2008

Well, heck. If ya wanna be LOGICAL…

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