Florida: The Open Fly Below The Bible Belt

24 04 2008

Florida is once again contemplating a license plate that pushes the boundaries of constitutional common sense.  According to the Associated Press the Florida state legislature is considering a specialty plate with a design that includes a Christian cross, a stained-glass window and the words “I Believe.”

Not surprisingly, the plate’s sponsor Rep. Bullard is not shy about showing his rank hypocrisy and doesn’t think all groups should be able to express their preference. When asked if atheists wanted an “I Don’t Believe” plate, he responded that he would probably oppose it.

I for one would definitely get the “I Believe” plate and then put this bumper sticker next to it just to flummox the logic of the faithful.




4 responses

24 04 2008

🙂 Love the addition of the bumper sticker. LOL

24 04 2008

Classic…and stupid. I can’t wait for the day when governors and presidents are atheists.

28 04 2008

There is talk going on here now (i am in the open fly zone of Florida) to stop with all the plates. Not because it has anything to do with offensiveness of anyone in particular but simply because stumbling retards at the DMV cannot choose which plate they want causing UNGODLY delays as people choose between “I Believe” or the “Choose Life” – my question is as you are hit by a lunatic with a kaliedescope like licence plate full of bright colors – how exactly are you supposed to read the numbers???? stupidity and freedom are a dangerous combinatioN!

28 04 2008

BTW we already have 107 different plates WOOO HOOO FOR DIVERSITY!!!


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