What The Hell Is Wrong With 28% Of Americans?

22 04 2008

It was announced today that President Bush is THE most unpopular president in the 70 years Gallup has been around to take surveys. Bush easily eclipsed previous record of 67% held by Harry Truman with an impressive 69% disapproval rating.

This didn’t surprise me at all and I seriously doubt this surprises you either.

Anyone who has suffered fewer than two strokes and/or only does crack three times a week knows that Bush is a miserable failure of the highest order. Most of us recognize that he’s not only incompetent but he’s quite the accomplished asshole too.

No, what flummoxed me was that 28% of Americans APPROVE of his presidency. You have to contextualize these numbers by noting that mental retardation is only present in about 2 to 3 percent of the population…so that doesn’t even come close to covering the spread.

I can’t even imagine how much glue I’d have to sniff before I would find myself on the fence about Bush’s performance much less approve of it.

Let’s break up the numbers a little. According to Gallup 66% of Republicans approve while only 32% disapprove. Maybe Republicans are overwhelmingly stupid but I’m betting they’re more likely to just be too embarassed that he is the best their party could muster and they can’t add insult to injury by admitting what a fuckwit he really is.

Compare that with Democrats where 91% disapprove of the job he’s doing. No surprise there except that again I’m struck by the idea that there are 9% of Democrats that are ambiguous or approve of Bush’s presidency. Who are these Democrats? Lieberman is only the only “Democrat” I can imagine that would cast that ballot, and Gallup would reject him as a Republican shill anyhow.

Hold your breath people because there are still 272 days left in this presidency and I don’t think George is done breaking this record. Oh no, I have money that he can hit at least 72% disapproval before he’s done. Anyone want to bet against me?




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23 04 2008

Apparently, 28% of Americans own huge portfolios of stock in Halliburton, Exxon and China.

23 04 2008

@Chris: Yours is a better answer than most I’ve heard.

23 04 2008

The other portion of the 28% are ignorant white Southerners and Midwesterners who would also be the individuals most likely to sit on a jury (i.e. they have no understanding of the happenings in the world around them). Believe me I would imagine that a large percentage of them come from Oklahoma (where I hail from) and Texas (where the moron likes to pretend he’s from). For instance just read the Daily Oklahoman (rated one of the worst newspapers in the country) and you will understand how they would get so confused they’d actually think he was doing a superb job.

23 04 2008

Well…..how big is the percentage of people waiting for Rapture?????

Hmmm…..nope, wait a minute. I know an atheist conservative who loves Bush. Isn’t that something of an oxymoron? Nope, just moron. 😛

25 04 2008

I live in a van (ok a trailer) down by the River! Am I in that 28%….nope, but they didn’t ask me. Gallup’s too scared to come to my neighborhood.

29 04 2008

Of the 28% Approval rating-
10% are conspiracy theorists who realize that declaring their disapproval of the presidency (combined with what they know) will be the straw that breaks the CIAs back.
18% are sociopathic corporate leaders
62% are leprechauns and unicorns

You said flummoxed. tee hee

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