Bush Not Quite Worst President Ever…Yet

4 04 2008

I know it’s hard to believe but a recent History News Network (HNN) poll of historians found the George W. Bush’s presidency…how should I put this…lacking.

In an informal survey of 109 professional historians conducted over a three-week period through the History News Network, 98.2 percent assessed the presidency of Mr. Bush to be a failure while 1.8 percent classified it as a success.

Asked to rank the presidency of George W. Bush in comparison to those of the other 41 American presidents, more than 61 percent of the historians concluded that the current presidency is the worst in the nation’s history. Another 35 percent of the historians surveyed rated the Bush presidency in the 31st to 41st category, while only four of the 109 respondents ranked the current presidency as even among the top two-thirds of American administrations.

At least two of those who ranked the current president in the 31-41 ranking made it clear that they placed him next-to-last, with only James Buchanan, in their view, being worse. “He is easily one of the 10-worst of all time and—if the magnitude of the challenges and opportunities matter—then probably in the bottom five, alongside Buchanan, Johnson, Fillmore, and Pierce,” wrote another historian.

Don’t despair, Bush can still secure the title of Worst President Ever, most of the historians were holding back because there are still 290 days left in his presidency giving him plenty of time to fuck things up even more.

One told HNN, “It is a bit too early to judge whether Bush’s presidency is the worst ever, though it certainly has a shot to take the title. Without a doubt, it is among the worst.”




4 responses

4 04 2008

He may not turn out to be the worst president, but I think it’s safe to call him “the worst president of the new millenium.”

4 04 2008
ruth salazar

Supe…glad you went to the trouble to clarify it..but, in all due respect..Did we really need a survey to come to that conclusion?

5 04 2008

As this is a survey of historians it proactively questions the meme that Bush has been pedaling suggesting that history will judge his presidency favorably. Like everything else, it appears he’s going to be profoundly wrong about that too.

5 04 2008

“Bush has publicly stated on several occasions that the true history of his presidency will be written long after he is dead.”

Maybe he hopes the men who wrote the bible will write his “history” as well. 😉
Let’s hope the true history is written while he’s still alive and that this will never happen again. 😛

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