FSM Courthouse Installation

31 03 2008

This is one of the greatest things to happen in the history of Pastafarianism. The Cumberland County Courthouse lawn in Crossville, Tennessee now features an enormous statue of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Behold:

I think I might cry.  All praise him and his carbohydrate goodness…Ramen.

(credit: the FSM himself)

Animal Intelligence, Perception, and Art

31 03 2008

It’s difficult to overstate the gravitas a video like this brings. It raises so many questions begging in depth studies to better understand animal consciousness, personality, and their perception of the world. The concept of “animal rights” suddenly sounds far less loony or radical and instead becomes glaringly obvious and even necessary. It is difficult to not be moved by this.


I was as amazed as many out there and I wondered if this was real or a hoax.  Here I give you another video from a BBC news story that seems to confirm that the paintings are in fact done by an elephant.