Fox Kabuki Theater

24 03 2008
In a rare moment of apparent sanity Chris Wallace takes the hosts of a Fox morning show to task for repeatedly taking an Obama quote out of context. In fact I recall that might have been the same morning show where one personality trying defend Obama became so offended that he stormed off the set while still on the air.But my liberal BS senses are tingling…this seems so unlikely.

Am I being too cynical to think that Fox is intentionally setting this up to try and get a few personalities in Obama’s good graces (after spending hours slamming him) so he will end the boycott and come on their network? It could just be me but this just seems almost too blatantly obvious.

Religion Politics And Reason

24 03 2008

A Gallup Poll produced some very interesting numbers. I will provide some of the more interesting data points and graphs here but I encourage you to read the article for a more complete view of this survey.

When Americans were asked the single question “Do you believe in evolution?” the simple statistical response was 49% believed in evolution while 48% did not. But it’s WAY more interesting than that. When challenged to answer more targeted questions they found that 24% of Americans believe that both the theory of evolution and the theory of creationism are probably or definitely true. There’s a grid that breaks it down on the Gallup site.

Influence of Religion and Politics:

The graph shows the relationship between church attendance and response to the straightforward question of belief in evolution.

The group of Americans who attend church weekly — about 40% in this sample — are strongly likely to reject the theory of evolution. The group of Americans who attend church seldom or never — also about 40% — have the mirror image opinion and are strongly likely to accept the theory of evolution.

Republicans are much more likely to be religious and attend church than independents or Democrats in general. Therefore, it comes as no great surprise to find that Republicans are also significantly more likely not to believe in evolution than are independents and Democrats.

I would assert that this data implies that a majority of religious people (and Republicans by statistical correlation) appear to have impaired critical thinking skills in regards to the sciences related to evolution. Please, feel free to explain to me how my conclusion is incorrect.

Let Me Tell You Something About God: Typography

24 03 2008

Oh c’mon, that’s some great stuff there. Pacino? No? Fine…Well here’s a little palate cleanser for you. Don’t say I never did anything for you.