Glowing Savior On A Stick, Now ONLY $23.99!

23 03 2008

Just in time for Easter! This authentic savior not only has nail marks on his hands but you can also impale his rectum with a gigantic prickly conifer. Also commonly referred to as the glowing plastic Jesus tree topper, you can get your very own savior on a stick for the heavenly price of $23.99. And before you get offended thinking I’m making such blasphemy up (on Easter no less) here’s the photo and description, spelling mistakes and all, from the original Christian site.

“Top your Christmas tree with this Jesus tree topper, and remember the real meaning of Christmas. If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto Me. It is truely beautiful. Top quality, real silk gown, made of resin, nail prints in hands, and 12″ tall. Lights up when plugged in. King of Glory. Hollow in center. Not sold anywhere else, our own patented design. Can be used all year round, even Easter.”




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