Creationist Museum Tours: Complex Science Made Easy!

23 03 2008



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23 03 2008

yeah, I think we should teach ID right along science….sure….*banging head against wall*…it’s perfectly reasonable that dinosaurs romped with Adam and Eve, it’s perfectly acceptable to ignore Radiometric Dating, not only ignore, but lie to these children…
Well I guess when you have been perpetuating a lie your entire lifetime that makes it okay. Right? Perfectly acceptable….

24 04 2008

Radiometric Dating has been wrong in some cases. For instance, after Mt. St. Helen’s erupted back in the 80’s scientists went up to the mountain and dated some of the newly formed rocks. The results said that the rocks were over 10 million years old or so.

24 04 2008

@Tom: That is a classic young earth creationist claim that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. I’d copy and paste details but you can read an exhausting analysis HERE. Have a great day.

Super J.

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