4,000 U.S. Soliders Dead

23 03 2008

The U.S. military said four American soldiers were killed by a bomb in Baghdad, raising The Associated Press’s count of the U.S. death toll in the war to at least 4,000.

And  Dick Cheney says…”So?”

When does this all start to make sense?  The needless deaths?  The squandered trust?  The reputation ruined?

When does this administration start to admit mistakes?  Confess their lies?  Admit defeat?  Hang their heads in shame?

How can we make this right?  Fix Iraq? Restore the peace?  Act with pure intentions again?

When do we get to lick our own wounds?  Mend our broken soldiers? Restore our Constitution?  Bring some honor back to being an American again?

Who can bring the resurrection of our integrity?  The diplomacy abandoned?  The international conventions disregarded?  The rights shattered?

Their incessant lies and deceptions have only left behind questions.  No ethics.  No answers.  All without and for no reason.




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23 03 2008

Bush/Cheney are guilty of 4000 counts of murder.

But they will both die natural deaths unfotunately. There is no justice in this world.

23 03 2008
mullah cimoc

mullah cimoc say usa not the free press. for this ameriki him so stupid and the society destroy, woman take LBT (low back tattoo) and be slut, the sex with every man.

google: “mighty wurlitzer” +cia

him son the gay homosexual with the gel hair and the beauty fingernail.

now ameriki not to having grandchilds. this the big punish for the cruel.

also to no respect because just slave of master in tel aviv. so ashame. not having the gonad.

24 03 2008

Makes you wonder why more Americans can’t or won’t understand why so many of us are not “proud” of anything in this country currently, why Michelle Obama said she was just now “proud”(?) though I still question that wisdom, and why “pride” shouldn’t be reflected in flag pins, bumper stickers, and words like “In God We Trust” or “One Nation Under God”. If that is pride shame on us for ever feeling it. The only sense of “pride” we should have is when we stop telling the rest of the world that we are better than them, when we make sure that HUMAN RIGHTS become more important than oil, when we become a country that welcomes diversity once again, and when we stop trying to force this country into an image (Christian Nation) that was never intended.
We are moving backwards while everyone else moves forward to the future………

26 03 2008

Their incessant lies and deceptions have only left behind questions. No ethics. No answers. All without and for no reason.

Your wrong. Their resasons are obvious if you read the PNAC website. The whole purpose of Iraq was to create chaos, drive up the price of oil, and profit from their huge Oil and War stock portfolios.

26 03 2008

This was a hard piece of news to watch. Chris and SJ are both right; the war doesn’t have a reason – for a lot of the soldiers themselves. The broader political implications are murkier, but no more inspiring. The US is a great place, but this is one of those stories that make me relieved to be Canadian.

…I would also like permission to use mullah cimoc’s post for one of my own. That post was awesome. Almost totally incomprehensible, but hinting at deeper social truths. Righteous. So, cimoc… can I?

I’m even tempted to google “mighty wurlitzer” +cia… just to see what will happen…

26 03 2008

I tried it and got links to pages that talk about

“Deputy Director Frank Wisner proudly referred to the CIA’s worldwide propaganda machine as “the mighty Wurlitzer.” And indeed, the agency’s skill at murdering people is matched only by its ability to murder the truth.”


Cimoc does make one good point…I do miss my gonad.

1 04 2008
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