George Bush Not Embarassing Enough For Texas: Sanctions Creationist “Degree”

18 03 2008

I wouldn’t really have thought you could blame the state of Texas for the intellectual shortcomings of President George W Bush, but they seem to be trying to make that case.

Buried in the middle of a story about attendances at Kentucky’s Creation Museum is something even more shocking – the state of Texas may be about to approve an online master’s degree in science education provided by the Texas-based Institute for Creation Research. The “degree”, which has already been given preliminary approval by a Texas state advisory group, is now awaiting the final go-ahead from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board.

Needless to say, bona fide scientists are unimpressed with this development. Alfred Gilman, dean of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center told the Dallas Morning News: “The latest round of so-called creation science truly scares me and all of my colleagues here at UT Southwestern Medical Center. Approval of this sort of nonsense as science in Texas will have a significant negative impact on our ability to attract the best minds to the state. How can Texas simultaneously launch a war on cancer and approve educational platforms that submit that the universe is 10,000 years old?”

Indeed, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to be taken seriously as a scientist if you have Texas on your educational resume.

The Texas Education Board is expected to make a decision in late April, 2008.




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18 03 2008
19 03 2008
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