For The Bible Tells Me So

10 03 2008

A very interesting (and by interesting I mean infuriating) look at nitwits who claim their bigotry is divinely sanctioned by the Bible.

At least watch the first 45 seconds, I promise it’s worth it.




One response

10 03 2008

Homosexuality is “unnatural”, but it’s perfectly “natural” to believe in a fairytale, and talk to an invisible sky daddy so you can promote this kind of bigotry…..
Oh, and we all know all the other bad behaviors it leads to because a man and a man, or a woman and a woman couldn’t possibly love each other the way a man and a woman do. Next thing you know it’s beastiality
Okay Ruth, come on and tell us why it’s okay to promote this kind of ignorance… 😛

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