Another Reason I’m Not a Fan of Hillary

7 03 2008

(Per USA Today and TPM) Bill Clinton instructed federal archivists to not provide public access to his presidential papers surrounding the 140 pardons he issued in his last days as president.  This includes his granting of clemency to fugitive millionaire Marc Rich.

C’mon Hillary, you can’t whine about Bush not coming clean on things and then stand by as this happens.  It’s crap like this that, as in my last post, makes me despise the Democrats almost as much as the Republicans. Granted, the Republicans still make the Democrats look like complete amateurs when it comes to bald faced corruption and exploiting the public trust but is there anyone in public service with any ethics anymore?




One response

7 03 2008

Ethics are left to those who are non-believers. And we know that ALL politicians believe, so they have “morals”. From what I’ve seen it’s okay to have some loose morals. We all know how important those are and it’s something us atheists wouldn’t understand.

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