Global Warming Science?

7 03 2008

I was getting tired of people arguing that global warming might not be true or that there was some substantiative controversy against it happening or whether it was natural or our fault. I’ve boned up a little and now I’m sharing some of that research with you.

I would encourage you to take the time to at least skim this 35 page FAQ pdf from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). I think it’s fair to assume that the pdf is easier to read and digest than the full 1600 page IPCC report.

Presuming you might not feel like taking the time to read it I give you the IPCC one line statement of finding:

“Warming is unequivocal, and most of the warming of the past 50 years is very likely (90%) due to increases in greenhouse gases”

Okay, now quit being lazy and go invest 20 minutes towards getting a better education on this topic than just repeating the big oil talking points you may have heard from Limbaugh and O’Reilly.




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10 03 2008

Sun Stays Sluggish as Weathermen Fight for Anti-Ice Age Funding

By Joe Pappalardo
Published on: February 6, 2008

…I hope there is global warming, because this sounds downright terrifying….call me a pussy.

10 03 2008

I noticed this from that same article

And for anyone hoping that a solar downswing might bail us out of our current dilemma: Solar influence on climate is slight compared to the impact of man-made greenhouse gases, a National Academy of Sciences report concluded in 1995.


10 03 2008
Scott Horn

I hate to sound selfish, but I’d take warming over an ice age any day. I hope, without a hint of sarcasm, that there is indeed global warming after reading that. I’ll jump for joy if someone finds incontrovertible evidence that no damn ice age is a comin’. By the way, where we’re standing used to be glacier–it can happen.

Honestly, would ya rather run to the hills with some sunscreen, or freeze yer ass off?

10 03 2008

Seriously my friend, go rent “An Inconvenient Truth” (or you can see it HERE if you don’t mind Chinese subtitles) and comment back afterwards. I think you’re missing the bigger implications here.

11 03 2008

i feel a little better. this guy says cooling is inconclusive:

12 03 2008
Joseph Sixpack

Good news. It looks like we have averted our global disaster. 2007 cooled at a startling pace, knocking out nearly a century of warming. This occurred not one moment too soon. Had the Earth continued on its temporary warming trend, then we would all have burst into flames within a thousand years or so. Now, the trend has apparently reversed. Unfortunately, if the Earth continues cooling at the rate that it cooled in the past year, then we will reach absolute zero in just a few hundred years. That will send heating bills through the roof.
See the article here:

16 03 2008

It seems even though there is some argument that exist in the scientific community an overwhelmingly large number of scientists, scientific societies and academies are in agreement on global warming.
However, I’m wonder what your argument is here regarding global warming. Would you not consider it a benefit to look at ways to reduce human impact (i.e.:greenhouse gas’s) on the environment? Shouldn’t it still be a priority that we look at ways to protect the planet from all the environmental changes it’s gone through? My thought is, if you look at better energy sources and cleaner fuel that we are not just benefiting the environment, but our health. Regardless of whether you think that we should to be concerned, as a whole in the long run it’s more beneficial to take this seriously and make changes now than to “wait and see” if the minority is correct that global warming isn’t happening. I’ve seen an overwhelmingly large number of scientific research that suggests it is, yet very little that denies it.
BTW, have you even read anything that was in the IPPC Faq?

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