Dems Propose Ethics Bill, Republicans Smirk

7 03 2008

Honestly, this is why I’m an independent. As soon as the Democrats get some power their indignation and outrage at the way the Republicans have run things gives way to the exact same behavior.

The newly proposed Office of Congressional Ethics, if enacted into law, will only be allowed to initiate new investigations during July and August. Moreover, any investigation that OCE pursues must be approved by the House ethics committee but that committee is notorious for its glacial movement. One GOP aide notes that “it’s interesting Democrats have devised an ‘ethics reform’ bill that basically guarantees that investigations are punted until after Election Day.” It’s also interesting that Democratic leaders failed to rally support for their own measure and bring the bill to a vote (sub. req.) yet again. Credit: TPM

Two months?! What the hell is this 1/6th per year ethics BS? You guys should be brought up on ethics charges for even suggesting such a corrupt idea!

I can’t help but feel supremely frustrated with our two party system since we have no better party to choose from. Honestly, these jackasses make me think that voting for a third party candidate like Nader isn’t such a bad idea after all.




4 responses

7 03 2008

Yes Jim vote for Nader! I am completely behind you!

8 03 2008

I agree with you on the Dems. Maybe you can answer a question for me though. Why has there never been a serious Third Party(Independent, Green, Etc…) I mean who’s fault is it we don’t have much choice and why hasn’t anyone worked harder to have a Third Party involved in every election? I have seen a few people who chalk it up to finances, but Kucinich, Gravel, and Paul all ran campaigns with very limited budgets.

8 03 2008

I’ll post a blog on this perhaps. There are other methods of conducting an election that would make third parties much more viable but the two parties that have the power now, while presenting themselves as adversarial, are very similar and not interested in sharing power with anyone else. They make the barrier to entry for anyone outside of the current system very prohibitive indeed.

Nader makes a good case on the Daily Show here

9 03 2008

Thanks for the video. It does bring some things to light. And it would be an excellent blog topic. It’s disappointing to know that the Democrats sued him in 2004. It’s ridiculous that third parties are being shut out this.

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