The Upsidedown World of Bush

6 03 2008

Firing attorneys for political reasons is okay. Going to war for no good reason is okay. Ignoring senate subpoenas is okay. Torturing is okay. Shredding the constitution and illegal spying on Americans without warrant is okay. Granting immunity for corporations who break the law and allowing companies to overcharge the government unchecked is okay. Why even shooting your friend in the face and then getting HIM to apologize for getting in the way is okay.

But damn it, plagiarism …PLAGIARISM… that crosses the line for this upstanding administration! According to the NY Times:

A longtime aide to President Bush who wrote occasional guest columns for his hometown newspaper resigned on Friday evening after admitting that he had repeatedly plagiarized from other writers. The White House called his actions unacceptable.

It’s unfuckingbelievable where their priorities are.



4 responses

6 03 2008

Plagiarism is just an excuse he used to get out, most likely….had he really plagiarized that you think anyone in the white house would have been smart enough to catch it..if he hadn’t admitted to it? think about it!

6 03 2008

He didn’t admit to it and nobody in the white house was even checking. You will of course notice that the linked article indicates:

“A blogger and former columnist for The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Ind. — the paper in which Mr. Goeglein’s columns were published — found the plagiarism.”

I’m pleased to see you here Ruth. How do you like the new page?

7 03 2008
ruth salazar

its cool, Supe…and if you want to make another blog…go to blogger..they have neat pages…all you need to do is copy and paste to move em’…there is no end to the possibilities!

7 03 2008
Scott Horn

sorry but the baseball thing blows this away.

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