Christians fight for their freedom to repress every other religion

6 03 2008

When Christians are forced to abide by the secular laws this country was founded upon, the very laws that make freedom of religion possible, they whine that they are repressed. Apparently it’s only when they can monopolize and control what speech is allowed and what speech is blasphemy are they satisfied.

To the Christians who agree with this video, you’re either completely ignorant of the intention of 1st amendment or you’re a fool and a hypocrite.

You can visit the site to see the whole inane series here. Silly Christians.




2 responses

28 12 2010
Nathan Gray

Your words are unclear and not well thought out, and this video has been removed. Good job dumb ass.

28 12 2010

Gosh, I guess I should do a better job making sure bigoted Christians keep their homophobic videos up from 2008 so knobs like you don’t have to click the provided link below the video frame.

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